Saturday, September 27, 2014

Happy Freaking Birthday to Me.

I'm turning 50 tomorrow.

Seriously, I'm happy about that milestone. Especially considering my high school years, taking on too much and enjoying the hell out of absorbing all things music, fast cars, windsurfing, Van Halen and a lot of playing "Chicken" and doing donuts in the drainage ditch by my school in my 1975 Monte Carlo driving along side my buddies, Fred (co-pilot & second from left), Tommy (Yellow '78 Nova in the middle) and Jeff (Firebird, far right).  I'm second from the right. Horrible pic. But it was more or less salvaged from a scan of a negative I found recently.

Those were heady times. Pretty idyllic, actually. Even bucolic. Not long after there was John Travolta of the T-birds fame racing in the ditches in the movie Greasewe all found ourselves testing our limits. And today, I face turning 50 with joy that I have packed in so many amazing experiences and I'm setting course for an even more intense concentration of experiences in the next half-hunny.

Terribly excited about what's to come. I still owe you an explanation of where I've been the last few years. Stay 'tooned. 

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